How It Works

Water Underfloor Heating Dates Back 2000 Years

Underfloor Heating dates back 2,000 years ago to the Romans. They would light a furnace and circulate warm air into empty spaces under the floors using channels. However, thanks to technolgy things have come a long way.

These days, water underfloor heating works by circulating warm water from a boiler through pipes hidden underneath flooring. The technolgy is highly effective and is extremely efficient. Gone are the days of a cold unhealthy house. Read more...

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Water Underfloor Heating Is Easy To Fit

Most systems are easy to install, although you will require an electrician to wire it. Most systems come with wiring diagrams.

The system will need to be wired with separate controls for your hot water and underfloor heating.

You can easily fit underfloor heating to most floors, but the floor construction will affect the kits and controls required. Read more...

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Underfloor heating systems can generally be used with laminate flooring. They key is not to sit it on thick underlay as this will hold back the heat. The answer is yes to carpets too, as long as the thickness of the carpet and underlay is not to thick to reduce the effectiveness of the system.

You can buy DIY packs which are very straightforward. However, check your local regulations, and/or consult with a professional installer to make sure everything is done safely, legally, and to ensure you get the most from your underfloor heating system. Read more...

Without underfloor heating, tiles and laminate floors can be particularly cold, even when other heating systems are in place. There is nothing like walking on welcoming warm surface with the heat radiating upwards consistantly around the room. Read more...

Have a good look around this website as it will help you learn more about how different systems work.
Heat Systems

Choice Of Water Underfloor Heating Systems

There are various systems on the market. The purpose of this website is not to recommend any one particular system or brand, but to give you all the information you require, to help you decide what is best for own household heating needs.

This website is independant and is NOT owned or operated by a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of underfloor heating systems. Read more...

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Efficient Heat

Heated Flooring Disperse Heat Efficiently

Heated floors work like efficient "low-level" radiators. The key advantage over traditional heating, is that they disperse heat evenly throughout a room. Water underfloor heating gently warms the living spaces. Read more...

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Most suppliers of water underfloor heating charge based on the square footage (or square meters) to be covered. The price will also vary depending on whether you lay the system yourself using underfloor heating kits, or whether you choose to use a professional to complete the job for you.

Depending on the system and how the water is heated, it can be 15-20% cheaper than other forms of heating. Condensing boilers are considerably more efficient working at lower temperatures (with lower return temperatures) which assists the condensing process. Read more...

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Read The Facts


There are numerous suppliers of water underfloor heating systems and we are not here to recommend one supplier over another. Instead we want to give you the independant facts to help you make up your own mind based on your own individual needs. Read more...