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Our website does not sell water underfloor heating products. We do publish advertisements for suppliers of underfloor heating but we do not recommend any one brand of product or company over another. We also publish infomational videos produced by various manufacturers who supply these products, but again we do not endorse featured brands. The information ispublished for your information only.

The good thing in knowing we don't sell the products featured in the advertisements and videos, is that you know you are getting unbiased independent comments, rather than a hard sell sales pitch. So read through each of the web pages on this site and learn as much as you can about water underfloor heating.

Although we don't sell or distributed heating systems or products, you can still contact at  We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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There are numerous suppliers of water underfloor heating systems and we are not here to recommend one supplier over another. Instead we want to give you the independant facts to help you make up your own mind based on your own individual needs. Read more...