A Homeowners Guide to Hot Water Underfloor Heating

When it comes to making renovations to any household, it is important for the homeowner to explore all options, get several free estimates and quotes from contractors, and really get to know the products and additions they will be making to their home to make sure their choices are suitable for them. In the case of hot water underfloor heating, this is considered a form of central heating and cooling.

This type of central heating and cooling system is used to control the temperature within the house. Using hot water for underfloor heat is considered a step in the green direction. 

Traditionally, those that warmed their homes with underfloor heat used electricity instead of hot water. For homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient, installing underfloor heating that uses hot water as opposed to electricity is a way to go.

Hot Water

Hot Water Underfloor Heating Using An Energy Saving Border

Using hot water instead of electricity to heat the home is more efficient, especially when used alongside an energy saving boiler because hot water takes less energy from the boiler. Many homeowners like using this method to heat their homes because it provides better temperature control than classic radiators. When it comes time to update an existing form of home heating or to choose a heating system for a new home, this is one option all homeowners should consider.

Homes with older heating systems tend to cost homeowners lots of money especially during cold seasons. Less heat and energy resources are wasted with a hot water underfloor heating system than traditional heating systems because temperature is more controlled. This means less heat and energy, such as electricity, is being wasted which saves the home owner money.





It is best for all homeowners to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor before choosing a hot water underfloor heating system for their home. There are many different brands available for a range of prices.

This type of heat system works best with condensing boilers and energy efficient heat pumps, both things to consider before spending money on a new heating system. Another point to consider is the type of flooring in the home.

There are a number of websites that give homeowners a step by step do it yourself guide to installing a hot water underfloor heating system.

Taking on this type of project yourself should only be done by homeowners with an understanding and knowledge of the heat system and installation process. In many cases it is more efficient, less time consuming, and less costly to pay a qualified contractor to have the heating system installed.


Hot Water Underfloor Heating In Bathrooms And Kitchens

Hot water underfloor heating systems are typically installed in kitchens or bathrooms or in rooms with hardwood or stone flooring in which case the floors become heated to a comfortable temperature for walking barefoot or in socks. It is easier to install this type of heating system in a new home or in a home where there is access to the floor joists.

hot water underfloor heating

Doing any home renovation is a big decision, which is why asking questions, getting information, and becoming knowledgeable about hot water underfloor heating systems is a good idea for all homeowners before making the big decision.

For efficiency, economy and warmth consider hot water underfloor heating systems.


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