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What Are Underfloor Heating Mats And How Are They Better?

As you are considering underfloor heating systems, you will find that there are several different types. There are electrical systems and there are fluid systems, called Hydronic systems. We will be discussing the electrical systems here as well as explaining underfloor heating mats and how they work.

There are essentially two different electrical systems and they both have advantages and disadvantages. They are the electrical cable method and the heating mat method. Let's take a closer look at each one of these.

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The electrical cable system is designed and built for the installation in that particular room in your house. They are made at a length that is needed to completely heat the area being considered. They are planned and then laid down so that the floor can be installed over them. As you lay this cable, you will encounter obstacles and sharp angles and obstructions. This very versatile cable can be laid around these and then attached to the under layment. However, if you have not planned the laying of this relatively long cable, you will have some area that has been missed or you might have some cable left over. You cannot cut this cable so you have to pull it all up and re-set it.





When using a heating mat, you have a lot more flexibility. These mats are designed and constructed as a roll of open weave mesh backed material 500 mm wide and come with a double sided sticky tape for easy application. This makes the installation around all the areas that are needed a very positive experience. 

No longer are we faced with the areas around pipes in places like bathrooms and utility rooms being left out of the heating plan due to the inability, or the lack of length, to get a cable placed at just the right point.

Heat Output

Something very helpful about the underfloor heating mats is that the elements contained in the mat are already spaced the proper distance to give you the maximum heat output without having to deal with cold areas and hotter than normal areas that you sometimes have when placing cable elements separately. 

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The Perfect Underfloor Heating Mat

The search for just the perfect heating mat for your home should start at a flooring company. 

Take a good look at the offerings because once they are installed and the floor is replaced, the trouble and expense that you can have to pull it all out again will be enormous. Is it the right thickness? Does it have the correct rating for your home? 

Since the heating mats will keep the flooring in your home slightly warmer than the surrounding air, the need for slippers for you and warmer clothing for your children who spend much of their time on the floor will be less.

The installation of these heating mats is as easy as reading a few simple instructions and following them. 

The average do it yourself homeowner can do this project with a careful attention to detail mind set and just a few tools.

Laying the mats in the joist bays on a wooden underfloor or right on the under layment of a laminate floor, attaching with a few simple staples and then the wiring into the main junction box. Read more about underfloor heating mats.

Read The Facts


There are numerous suppliers of water underfloor heating systems and we are not here to recommend one supplier over another. Instead we want to give you the independant facts to help you make up your own mind based on your own individual needs. Read more...